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Hill Sprints

My weekly workout schedule always (rain, snow or shine) includes at least one session of hill sprints. When I first started doing them, it was a love-hate relationship, and now I’m in a committed all-love relationship with them. The individual… Continue Reading →


I love birthdays (yours, mine, everyone’s), and I was especially looking forward to turning 30. I thoroughly enjoyed, exhausted, stretched and explored the depths of my 20s – did the school thing, the travel thing (many times), did the “follow… Continue Reading →

Can you Spot Reduce?

This is a common question I often get asked by my clients. It’s a valid question as fitness magazines, infomercials and other media sources promote the promise of spot reducing a particular trouble area. Want flat abs? Try this ab… Continue Reading →

Cheat Meals: How to Hedge them & Make them Work in your Favour

For the majority of us, to achieve and maintain a lean physique or sustain fat loss, it requires work: intentional eating habits that are in alignment to your personality, a dedicated workout regimen, adaptability and self compassion.  You don’t live in… Continue Reading →

Strength Training: Why you and your grandmother should be doing it

Almost everyone can benefit from some modality of strength training; whether you are using your own bodyweight, free weights, resistance bands, weight machines, etc.  Do you want to lose weight?  Strength train.  Do you want to gain muscle mass? Strength… Continue Reading →

What if it doesn’t work out?

Say what?  This question was asked to me this week regarding my fitness business and I paused.  Good question, as entrepreneurship is imbedded with ebb and flow.  In the four years of running my business, I had never thought or… Continue Reading →

Challenge Thy Self

This past weekend, I challenged myself and took on the task of preparing a meal that was out of my comfort zone. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a big foodie; I do not need to try… Continue Reading →

Chillin’ Out on Vacation

Last week, I went on one of the most rewarding ski vacations with my family, family friends and best friend. It was a rewarding and exhilarating week full of skiing and snowboarding, socializing, après ski activities, food, tons of laughter and… Continue Reading →

Your Relationship with Yourself Sets the Tone for Every Relationship You Have

Happy Valentines Week ❤️ Valentine’s Day has always been a love-day for me – whether I’m with a romantic partner, or blasting all of my girlfriends with love bombs, or getting flowers from my dad, or a combo or all of… Continue Reading →

What the Tabata?

I love Tabata-inspired training – it’s a form of high intensity interval training; challenging, time-efficient and highly effective in improving your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. It tests your grit, mental fortitude (have you ever thought during your workout, “Forget this”… Continue Reading →

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