“When I started looking for a personal trainer, I knew I wanted something different than what you usually find at your local gym.  In my past, I had been extremely active and played several sports at a high-level.  Now as a professional in my 40’s with old nagging injuries, the stresses of work, a busy family and very little time to spare, I needed to make time for myself to get back on track and focus on getting healthy, not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually.  This is where Jenna came in.  After meeting/interviewing with several trainers, I quickly realized hands down that Jenna was the one.  She had the right balance of physical training expertise, as well as a holistic approach to overall personal well-being.  Managing stress through various methods, including a spiritual side is exactly what I needed to tie everything together.  Her program began to pay results immediately and her suggestions of diet, books to read, journaling and other health/wellness tips have been nothing short of amazing.  Best decision I have made in years.  I feel lucky to have her on my team and would recommend to anyone!” – Alex, 42

“When I decided to find a trainer for myself, I was hoping to find someone who would be knowledgeable, motivating and considerate of my needs and concerns.  In Jenna, I found all that and more.  Jenna’s approach to training has made each session something I look forward to. I have become stronger, more fit and totally excited to continue improving.  She genuinely listens to you and motivates you to push yourself just beyond your limits.  If you are looking to improve your fitness, I highly recommend Jenna.” – Sara, 56

“Jenna provides a highly professional, personalized and knowledgeable approach to personal training.  She uses a holistic and goal-oriented approach that includes comprehensive health, physical and nutritional assessments, a safe and progressive training schedule, and behavioural change techniques.  Jenna is a fantastic motivator, listener and coach who has encouraged and promoted my steady improvement in health and fitness, and more importantly empowered me to adapt successful and sustainable changes in my personal health and stress/life management practices.  She demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to her clients and is truly a “partner” along the road to better fitness.”– Kathy, 60

“I have tried working with personal trainers before but none have been as complete as Jenna. Always motivating, always upbeat, always there for you, and always knowing how hard she can push you while you work steadily towards your goals. Very knowledgeable and friendly and always making sure you get things done, and done right. And very importantly, want to continue doing them. I chose Jenna as my trainer and began working out. I think that she is everything you could ask for in a personal trainer if you want to start doing and keep doing what you have decided it’s finally time to do. And it didn’t take long for results to start showing. I am now really, really happy with my conditioning, my health and my body. And I know Jenna, and her workouts, will keep me on track. I am, and will always be, very grateful.”– Elliott, 63

“My wife and I contacted Jenna after receiving a pamphlet in the mail for personal training. We had been considering hiring a personal trainer for several months and took the opportunity to meet with Jenna when her pamphlet arrived at our house. We were impressed with Jenna’s knowledge and professionalism from the first time we trained with her. Jenna developed a training plan suited to our goals and helped us get back on track after many years of not exercising. She helped motivate us to do our best, all with a very positive and encouraging disposition. We are very thankful to Jenna for helping us adopt a more healthy way of life. We would recommend Jenna’s personal training services without reservation!” –Jeremy, 34

“Jenna has been so patient with me while still inspiring me to push myself during our workouts.  I explained from the start that I would be a challenge in terms of consistency and longevity while working out two times a week but I’m proud to say it’s been over 8 months and I’ve never felt better.  I’ve got muscle tone I never knew existed and Jenna has also been instrumental in helping with nutritional advice and dieting.”– Alison, 45

“About a year ago I went through leg surgery, putting all my fitness at a halt. I went from being active to thinking I couldn’t physically do the things that I used to. Jenna definitely changed my complete mindset of life! From thinking “I can’t do this,” to “I want this to be my lifestyle from now on.” In the first month I lost 15 pounds! Jenna is the perfect balance between tough/challenging and motivational. She adapts to any kind of situation from scheduling, to designing individualized exercise programs that suits my needs. Her warm personality and enthusiastic commitment to her work, especially to her clients, make the session all the more enjoyable! Because of her I’m stronger, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun instead of a chore. Whether you’re looking for something  challenging or just in some need of encouragement and motivation Jenna is your girl!”– Shantel, 19