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My Top 5 Convenient Protein Resources

Getting enough protein in your diet is important whether your health and fitness goal is to lose fat, build muscle, maintain your muscle mass or eat a balanced diet.  In a caloric deficit, having a high protein diet along with… Continue Reading →

Staying on Track while Travelling

You have your health and fitness regime down pat and healthy habits are instilled: you eat healthy, prepare most of your own meals, you take your fish oils and daily vitamins, you carry your water bottle around with you, you… Continue Reading →

5 Lessons My Back Injury Taught Me

Several weeks ago I hurt my lower back to the point where I had to cease my normal workout regimen and was forced to rest. It was a case of intense inflammation, so much so that it spread to my… Continue Reading →

6 Strategies to Dominate Your Beastmode Days – Part II

In my last post (Honouring Your Beastmode Days – Part I), I talked about how I love days where my schedule is full with clients, my own workouts, self-development and continuing education, working on my business, running errands in between appointments,… Continue Reading →

Honouring Yourself on Beastmode Days — Part I

As a trainer and entrepreneur, I have a non-traditional work schedule; I wake up early and start work most mornings at 6:30am, work several evenings, a few hours on the weekends, and almost always have afternoons off. No two days… Continue Reading →

Why I am Counting My Calories & Macros

For the past 38 days, I have been tracking my calories and my macros (the number of grams of carbs, proteins, fats I am consuming daily) on MyFitnessPal. While I do go through phases of keeping a food journal to… Continue Reading →

Permission Granted.

A couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege of attending the Women’s Radiance Retreat, in Venice Beach, CA hosted by Neghar Fonooni, Jill Coleman and Jen Sinkler. I joined 40 ambitious women who were also passionate about fitness, living… Continue Reading →

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